Truer Than Lies

Letters arranged into words arranged into sentences. About as close to magic as it gets.

Poetry, Short Stories, Essays, and Open Letters by Marx McNeill

Greetings, Salutations, and Hey-Hey! I’m Marx McNeill, the writer/illustrator of theĀ TRUER THAN LIES webcomic. This is the TRUER THAN LIES blog, home to all of my non-illustrated writing, which may or may not be more disturbing than my comics. You tell me. (I highly recommend becoming deeply addicted to both websites.)

So, welcome to the archive of my gray matter’s ramblings, so to speak. As the ancient cartographers used to write when designating uncharted waters: “Here be monsters.” However, if you keep your hands and feet within the vehicle at all times, you should remain perfectly safe. Well, at least as safe as anything whose primary components are meat and confusion can be, with all due respect.