Truer Than Lies

Letters arranged into words arranged into sentences.

Works of the Written Word by Marx McNeill

Welcome to the archive of my gray matter’s ramblings. As the ancient cartographers used to write when designating uncharted waters: “Here be monsters.” However, if you keep your hands and feet within the vehicle at all times, you should remain perfectly safe. Well, at least as safe as anything whose primary components are meat and confusion can be, with all due respect.

Take a note of the navigation widget, either to the right or below. I recommend the SHORT STORIES; they’re long enough to be a great read, but short enough for it to happen in one sitting. The BLOG (which features a variety of open letters, comics, charming pedantry, and irreverent politics) is accessible in a multitude of methods: the 5 newest BLOG POSTS appear as headlines, a drop-down menu lists all the BLOG’s basic topic categories, and each month’s collected POSTS find their way to their own page of the archive. Check back regularly and you won’t be disappointed.


Just can’t get enough? Don’t worry. I got more.

You can check out my webcomic, FUZZY BUNNIES, by clicking HERE.


Or, perhaps you dig improv? Well, you’ll find over 100 twisted improv comics that I made with some friends of mine, called COMIXTURE, in an archive HERE.


All the rest of my visual art can be found HERE.