Truer Than Lies

Letters arranged into words arranged into sentences.

Works of the Written Word by Marx McNeill

Welcome to the archive of my gray matter’s ramblings. As the ancient cartographers used to write when designating uncharted waters: “Here be monsters.” However, if you keep your hands and feet within the vehicle at all times, you should remain perfectly safe. Well, at least as safe as anything whose primary components are meat and confusion can be, with all due respect.

Since you’re here, I’d recommend reading the Short Stories; they’re more or less the entire reason why this website exists. Check out some of my Open Letters, too, while you’re at it.

I also have a corresponding TRUER THAN LIES webcomic that you can read and follow here: (WEBCOMIC)

Plus, you can check out, and even purchase, prints of my artwork, including the FACES OF LIT series and #MakeArtSatiricalAgain, here: Art of Marx

One evening, after a long and frustrating day, I commented offhandedly to Voltaire that “life is hard.” Voltaire just laughed, and responded, “Compared to what?”